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Descriptions of Product                                                                  Disposable Skin Stapler Application: Smooth stiched wound and smal

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Descriptions of Product
Disposable Skin Stapler 

Application: Smooth stiched wound and small scar after operation.

 Product Advantage
1. Simple and reasonable design, easy to operate
2. Small stitched wound, avoid injury to epidermal tissue again and good for wound healing
3. Smooth stitched wound and small scar after operation
4. Shorten time for operation and decrease the pain for patients
5. Disposable sterilized products, cheap and avoid the cross infection of many contagious diseases


Instructions For Use
1. Clean the trauma, hand the skin stapler.
2. Place the instrument nose gently onto the approximated tissue with the directional arrow at the middle of the incision. 
3. Hold the adjusting handle until closure the nail to the the tissue. 
4. Then release the handle , anti-clockwise lift the end of stapler, and exit the stapler on base of the suture point

Specification Model & Manufacturer Number

Common Type
Wide Type
Optional Remover

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